CITIC Resources


CITIC Resources

The financial press both in Hong Kong and in the region had little understanding about the company’s strategy and business due to its low profile, resulting in a gap between perception and reality.

Communications Objective and Strategy
PR ASIA’s communications campaign positioned the company as the resources investment arm of CITIC Group, educating key financial journalists on a one-on-one basis about the company’s strategy and growth plan.

Communications Campaign
In conjunction with the client’s business development, PR ASIA planned a selective communications campaign targeting senior industry journalists as they possess the industry background to understand the business of the company. Given the company’s strategic value to its parent company, financial journalists became more interested in the company’s strategic development, creating momentum for our communications effort.

Our recommended approach successfully recruited financial journalists from broadsheets and industry trade publications to follow up on the company. Leveraging on annual results announcements and AGMs, the company was able to communicate its vision and strategy to the press in a much clearer way.